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If you've already purchased in Williams Landing,
this section will help guide you.

You've purchased, What next?

Welcome to the Williams Landing community.

Now that you have purchased in Williams Landing, we’re here to help you throughout the next process.

Where to begin?

Our Design Standards outline the design and delivery requirements for homes within your neighbourhood. Please ensure you are familiar with the Design Standards and that your builder/architect is provided with a copy to help and assist them in designing and building your new home.

Please keep in mind that you must commence construction of your home within 12 months of settlement of your land.

Step 1 – Choose your builder

If you haven’t decided on a builder, a great place to start is by walking through a Display Village. 

Step 2 – Choose your design

We encourage you to go through the Design Approval Checklist with your builder/architect to ensure the home design is in line with the Design Standards. Please note that any rebates or incentives offered under the Contract will only be payable if your home is built in accordance with approved plans, within required timeframes and complies with conditions and restrictions in both your Contract of Sale and Plan of Subdivision.

Step 3 – Submit your application

Work with your builder/architect to compile the documentation required for the Design Approval and submit the complete application for approval. Applications need to include the following:

  • Design Approval Application Form (must be provided with initial and subsequent applications
  • Design Approval Checklist
  • Proposed house plans and accompanying documentation (refer to design requirements in Section 2 of the Design Standards document)
Step 4 – Approval process

The Design Review Panel will review each complete application to check that your home complies with the Design Standards. All submissions are to be sent by email to the Design Review Panel. Initial and subsequent applications are reviewed by the Design Review panel and can take up to 14 days. 

Once your home design is approved, we will notify your builder directly by email. 

Further Information
  • Construction timeframes – Your Contract specifies that you must commence construction within 12 months of land settlement. In order to achieve this timeframe, please ensure that you have plans submitted and approved well in advance of this deadline.
  • Maintenance of land – All vacant lots must be maintained after settlement, including your nature strips. This means you must keep your land free of any rubbish, weeds and overgrown grass. We recommend installing temporary fencing to prevent others from accessing your block of land.