The Vision

Something truly remarkable is happening in Melbourne's West; A place of new opportunities


Williams Landing is becoming the social and commercial focal point for the west.

Williams Landing is a contemporary urban environment of world-class standing, complete with 21st-century communications infrastructure, a range of education and childcare facilities nearby as well as sporting and leisure facilities. Beautiful parks, gardens and reserves combine with apartment living opportunities and environmental sustainability principles feature throughout the development.

Williams Landing attracts families from all areas of Melbourne due to the close proximity to the CBD, the affordable housing options and the contemporary urban environment.

The local demographic boasts a greater proportion of professionals and higher household incomes than the Melbourne average.


The Williams Landing Town Centre is a dynamic commercial and retail hub in Melbourne's Western region.

  • A major centre for business and shopping.
  • A prestigious gateway between the City of Wyndham and the inner suburbs of Melbourne.
  • A safe, convenient and fully integrated transport network for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and public transport users.
  • Contemporary public spaces for leisure and recreation.

Williams Landing is a designated Priority Development Zone, which means flexible planning to encourage high quality commercial, retail and mixed use development. If you’re a new business, or an existing business looking to relocate, together we can build a town centre that will become a commercial landmark in Melbourne.

Williams Landing Town Centre. Artist Impression. Subject to change.